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IMF Begins Review Mission in Romania
Bucharest | 26 July 2010 | Marian Chiriac

IMF headquarters in Washington D.C.

IMF headquarters in Washington D.C.

An International Monetary Fund team on Monday started talks with Romanian authorities over drastic action to cut back public spending following a €20 billion bailout package signed last spring.

The mission comes four weeks after an austerity plan, including cuts to the workforce and a 25 per cent slash in public sector wages, became effective.

The government had also planned to cut pensions by 15 per cent, but the Constitutional Court ruled the measure anti-constitutional, forcing authorities to raise the VAT tax on goods and services instead.

“We are confident that Romania will comply with all requirements and a new installment of help from the IMF and European Union will be disbursed soon,” said Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu.

Following the IMF review, Romania should receive the sixth disbursement of its loan, worth €900 million.


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